Balance & Consistency Are Key


My main focus in life is to have balance & consistency… in everything I do. So, this topic is very near and dear to my heart. However, no matter what situation life throws at me, I seem to lose sight of whats most important. I think the main factor of this is because I don’t have the right amount of balance in my life.

Some days or even a few weeks I highly focus my energy towards the greater attractions in life such as meditation, happiness, healthy eating, exercising, learning, and just being a genuine soul. Then I somehow fall off the track as soon as I meet with friends. I don’t have a single friend who would actually enjoy a well spent day being sober and doing the things that I’m “low-key” into, so it’s difficult for me to stay balanced in that direction. This may be the main reason I struggle keeping a balanced lifestyle, because as soon as I miss my friends, I go running back to them on the weekends and end up doing things that were not anywhere near my goals. So, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. By doing this, I must simply set some ground rules for myself. Not only am I doing this to grow as an individual, but to stay motivated to reach my goals and become successful.

A few basic changes that I’m making in my life consist of finding kind souls who are down for whatever (like me), ditching the parties/party friends for awhile, buy a bike to exercise through trails to assist in healing internally/motivate me to eat healthy, meditate in order to balance my thoughts/emotions, and keep myself busy with learning something new (playing the guitar, taking care of a pet, babysitting, volunteering, or simply taking a five credit class at UW).

Here are my ways of transitioning into a healthier, happier, more vibrant gal throughout my college years.

Finding balance & consistency: PARTYING

Go out once a night for an evening of drinks. Even a little cocktail and socializing is good for the soul. The balance between choosing how much to drink in one night and how many days a week to go out is what I’m working on, because a hangover always gets in the way of me trying to better myself. I must choose ONE night per week to drink and stay out late.

Finding balance & consistency: EATING

Give Myself a Limit On How Much To Spend. Set a monthly spending amount for eating out with friends (this way I won’t waste all my money on food and I can control somewhat what I eat based on my maximum limit for the month)

Keep a Vegan Diet. I’ve noticed that throughout all the diets that I’ve tried, a vegan diet keeps me the happiest, healthiest, and lightest without trying to watch what I eat. Overeating is not possible when you’re eating a raw vegan diet most days throughout the week. In fact, it’s important to eat in abundance in order to reach all the nutrients that our delicate bodies need. Also, a vegan diet prevents me from eating at fast food restaurants or any type of junk food for that matter, because most fast food places include at least some kind of dairy product in their foods.

One Cheat Day Per Week. Restricting myself from my favorite foods will only hurt me in the long-run because I’ll eventually crack and buy every high sodium, high trans fat foods in my sight, so I might as well allow myself to binge on my favorite fatty foods once a week.

Finding balance & consistency: EXERCISE

10 minute meditation, 20 minute yoga, 40 minute workout. Some days I can do one, other days I’ll be an overachiever and do all three if I feel like it. However, I must do at least one of these that are listed, everyday.

Finding balance & consistency: HOBBY 

Spend at least two hours everyday doing two or more of my favorite hobbies. My personal hobbies include blogging, reading, biking, and learning new/unique things things (makeup, hair styles, DIY’s, playing the guitar).

“Everyday in action is a day closer to my satisfaction” – Saba Moghim


Hello world!

It’s been a dream of mine to begin blogging about my personal, love, travel, and professional life. However, with the rigorous nursing program that I’ve been involved in this year, it has been difficult to find any spare time to do the things I love the most, or yet, the things I’ve always dreamed of working on.

I’ve just finished my freshman year of the nursing program, but since nursing requires students to complete multiple prerequisites, I’m not quite done yet. I’m not even half way there yet. If anything, my life has been put on hold due to recent problems that I’ve been having.

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with a couple skin conditions/infections. This has literally put my life on hold, because I’m stuck at home, coffee shops, under a shade, fully clothed trying to find inner peace/happiness and regain my health.

These health problems that I’ve been having this month has caused an intense amount of stress onto me and my family. I’ve never been so damaged internally and externally. For the past 30 days, I’ve broken down into tears at least once a day and the only person I have to blame for this cause is myself. Due to the stress I’ve been under, my doctor recommended that I reduce my stress, and the only thing (other than my health problems) that’s keeping me the most stressed out is school. So, I dropped out of my current nursing program and said goodbye to all the beautiful friends I’ve made this year. Even though I’m no longer in the graduating class of 2018, my school has given me another opportunity to join the next year’s freshman class, so I’m still in the program, but I’ll be graduating a year later than my age group.

Not only did I have to drop my classes this quarter and join another group of nursing students next year, I’m unable to do the things I love due to my skin condition. From now on, I cannot workout to the point where I sweat and I can’t tan/swim this summer, or at least until my condition has improved.

Although I’ve been going through an extremely rough patch, it’s time for me to center my energy into what I’ve never done, but have always had a passion for. Blogging. The main point of this blog is to post about everything that inspires me and to express myself through writing. Writing can help me to clear my mind and help me stay on track, so I thought it was time I made my own website to continue staying motivated. Lastly, my intension with this website is to write about whatever that comes my way in order for me to get in touch with my inner feelings/thoughts. I hope to inspire others to create their own blogs and become true with themselves through writing, and I hope to connect with you all around the world.

P.S. everything written and posted in my blog is all my work, unless stated otherwise.

Love ~

Saba Moghim