You are not alone, breathe…

Based off my last post, “My Favorite Quote”, I’d like to mention that it’s important to recognize that life is unpredictable and the greatest mystery. Therefore, instead of focusing on the past or future, I suggest putting all, if not, most of your energy towards your existence and presence. So many of us are caught up tying to make something out of ourselves or complicating our lives trying to figure out the meaning of life, however, the best thing to do is to take a few deep breathes and connect with your inner peace. That’ll allow you to feel more calm and present, therefore, your experiences in life will become more fulfilling.

These are the steps I’ve written down for anyone who has trouble staying in the present moment and enjoying the journey of life. Not only have these tips helped me, but a few of my friends who I’ve shared these with. I suggest experimenting with these few tips:

  1. Take deep breathes, often.
  2. Step outside when you get a chance and look at the trees, moon, and the stars.
  3. Look at people beyond what they look like. Recognize their behaviors, notice that their life is just as complex as yours and that we’re all, at some point in our lives, have stress/anxiety/fear/depression.
  4. Take a look in the mirror and compliment one thing that you love about yourself and 3 things you’re grateful for.

5 tips to a healthy & happy life

  1. Get rid of toxic and immature friends. It’s hard to imagine where your life could take you and to see the possible great things that could come your way unless you get rid of people in your life who are constantly negative, gossiping, causing drama/stress in your life. Last year, I went through a cleanse where I got rid of almost all of my friends because I had bigger plans for myself for the future, but my friends were just a distraction. I was immensely influenced by the company I kept, therefore, I became a huge party girl like my previous close friends. However, one day I took a step back and realized that I need to make a change in order to become the successful woman that I desire to become. I wanted to become mature, take better care of my body/health, dress better, make hard-working friends, and learn communication skills with members of different cultures. It’s difficult to distant yourself from people who you’re most comfortable with and have been friends with you for so long, but sometimes you have to let go of a few unhealthy friendships to gain loving, positively influencing, and successful peers in your life who will help you reach your goals rather than standing in the way of them. “Birds of a feather flock together”… Always remember that when you pick your friends. If your friends are scrubs, you’re a scrub too, but if your friends are fabulous, then you are fabulous.
  2. Break a sweat everyday. It isn’t about losing weight, but to feel active and productive. By sweating everyday, it means you must go for a walk/run, hike, bike ride, swim, or any physical activity that will get your heart rate pumping and your sweat glands working. This way, your energy level will rise, your metabolism will quicken, and your mood will boost! So grab a partner or some headphones and move!
  3. Eat healthy. Eat whole foods, less animal products, more vegetables, and small portions of everything to feel light, yet energized. I found that by eating healthy, even when I’m on vacation, I am more energized and I feel more in control of my life.
  4. Set a goal and put all your energy and focus into it. Have you ever set a goal for yourself and almost reached the end but quit at the very last minute? Probably, but I bet you didn’t notice how close you were to accomplishing that goal before you gave up. During the process of reaching your goal, you must focus all your energy and focus towards it; do not get side-tracked by other desires. Of course it’s possible to set more than one goal for yourself, but I suggest pacing yourself so you don’t become too overwhelmed. Also, when you begin doubting your dreams, it’s important to remind yourself why you set this goal in the first place. If you have a difficult time inspiring yourself, find some inspiration in other people. You can do this by talking to strangers, reading blogs/books, and watching movies. So, remember to stay focused, consistent, focused, and inspired.
  5. You have to give a shit. Whatever you have planned ahead of your day, do it like you mean it. You have to give a shit about your life (success, appearance, education, relationships, body, etc) in order to live a happy and healthy life. For example, if you’re in school and you create a negative image about the school environment, you will most likely be less successful than if you were to give a shit about your education and try your best in school. The more things you do with love and passion, the easier your task becomes and the outcome will look much brighter.

Day of Gratitude #1

One thing I’m grateful for is my MOM (as corny and cliche as that sounds, it’s true. She’s my hero).

  • She saves me a lot of time and energy by helping me with my chores
  • She’s always been there to take care of me, especially on my sickest days. Sometimes my home felt like a hospital from the way she brought food to my room and nursed me back to health
  • She’s never put any man before her kids
  • She’s been through so much in Iran, yet she is the strongest, most independent, and happiest woman I know til this day
  • She treats me like a princess whenever I need that extra lovin’ and attention

The best thing is that I see myself turning into my mom day by day and I could not be happier. She’s incredible.

Imperfections Are Beautiful, Too.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m a perfectionist. When I start something (literally anything), it takes me twice as long as others to complete it, because I want every inch of it to be perfect… Now some of you might think of this as a good thing or other might think it’s completely absurd. However, at this point in my life, I’d like to ease up a bit and become more laid back with the way I do things because it’s causing me to stress out when I shouldn’t be and it has slowed me down on my journey to succeed.

Life doesn’t work out this way for a reason. If everyone was perfect, then life would just be plain simple and boring. These flaws allow us to be unique and rich in character. By allowing ourselves to have a filter-free mind and messing up here and then, we are welcoming peace and patience into our lives. Not to mention, these imperfections are a good experience for us to try better the next time around.

Now take time to just be you. Raw you. Write freely, live happily, breathe deeply, and fuck up easily.

You’re worth it, so don’t try to be perfect.

Cell Phone Use

Recently, I’ve challenged my mother and I to do something we’ve never even thought about trying before; using our cell phone less, especially when checking social media. I’ve noticed that it’s very hard for me to fully engage in progressing conversations with people whom I’m communicating with. So the other day I went out for lunch with my mom, and I chose to put my phone in my purse and keep it there until I was done having lunch with her. I realized that I was more present in my conversation and I wasn’t easily distracted. Not only did that show respect towards my mom, but she realized how mature and thoughtful it was of me to put away the side conversations that I was having with my friends through my phone. I noticed that my mom was hesitant to use her phone because she wanted to give me the same respect as well. After this one experiment, whenever I hang out with my friends, I put my phone on airplane mode. I’m not sure if they notice or not, but after a few times of hanging out, I think they will realize how much more present I am, in general, that they will hopefully give me the same respect as well by not using their phones. To give others your full attention, it means that we are interested, mature, kind, and respectful. This is very important in socializing.

The benefits of limiting my phone use to three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) for 15 minutes to check social media, reply back to friends, and make unimportant phone calls:

  • More present in daily conversations
  • Can enjoy the beauty of life and surroundings more
  • Lengthens my attention span
  • Gain more respect and attention
  • Less anxiety about the future or past

Balance & Consistency Are Key


My main focus in life is to have balance & consistency… in everything I do. So, this topic is very near and dear to my heart. However, no matter what situation life throws at me, I seem to lose sight of whats most important. I think the main factor of this is because I don’t have the right amount of balance in my life.

Some days or even a few weeks I highly focus my energy towards the greater attractions in life such as meditation, happiness, healthy eating, exercising, learning, and just being a genuine soul. Then I somehow fall off the track as soon as I meet with friends. I don’t have a single friend who would actually enjoy a well spent day being sober and doing the things that I’m “low-key” into, so it’s difficult for me to stay balanced in that direction. This may be the main reason I struggle keeping a balanced lifestyle, because as soon as I miss my friends, I go running back to them on the weekends and end up doing things that were not anywhere near my goals. So, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. By doing this, I must simply set some ground rules for myself. Not only am I doing this to grow as an individual, but to stay motivated to reach my goals and become successful.

A few basic changes that I’m making in my life consist of finding kind souls who are down for whatever (like me), ditching the parties/party friends for awhile, buy a bike to exercise through trails to assist in healing internally/motivate me to eat healthy, meditate in order to balance my thoughts/emotions, and keep myself busy with learning something new (playing the guitar, taking care of a pet, babysitting, volunteering, or simply taking a five credit class at UW).

Here are my ways of transitioning into a healthier, happier, more vibrant gal throughout my college years.

Finding balance & consistency: PARTYING

Go out once a night for an evening of drinks. Even a little cocktail and socializing is good for the soul. The balance between choosing how much to drink in one night and how many days a week to go out is what I’m working on, because a hangover always gets in the way of me trying to better myself. I must choose ONE night per week to drink and stay out late.

Finding balance & consistency: EATING

Give Myself a Limit On How Much To Spend. Set a monthly spending amount for eating out with friends (this way I won’t waste all my money on food and I can control somewhat what I eat based on my maximum limit for the month)

Keep a Vegan Diet. I’ve noticed that throughout all the diets that I’ve tried, a vegan diet keeps me the happiest, healthiest, and lightest without trying to watch what I eat. Overeating is not possible when you’re eating a raw vegan diet most days throughout the week. In fact, it’s important to eat in abundance in order to reach all the nutrients that our delicate bodies need. Also, a vegan diet prevents me from eating at fast food restaurants or any type of junk food for that matter, because most fast food places include at least some kind of dairy product in their foods.

One Cheat Day Per Week. Restricting myself from my favorite foods will only hurt me in the long-run because I’ll eventually crack and buy every high sodium, high trans fat foods in my sight, so I might as well allow myself to binge on my favorite fatty foods once a week.

Finding balance & consistency: EXERCISE

10 minute meditation, 20 minute yoga, 40 minute workout. Some days I can do one, other days I’ll be an overachiever and do all three if I feel like it. However, I must do at least one of these that are listed, everyday.

Finding balance & consistency: HOBBY 

Spend at least two hours everyday doing two or more of my favorite hobbies. My personal hobbies include blogging, reading, biking, and learning new/unique things things (makeup, hair styles, DIY’s, playing the guitar).

“Everyday in action is a day closer to my satisfaction” – Saba Moghim