Love Languages

Love languages can be tricky

We all want to receive these 5 love languages

However, my top 2 from the love language test results were pretty accurate considering I’m a touchy and needy person. I love expressing my love by holding my significant other close to me and smothering them with kisses, but I also love undivided quality time. I could spend forever with this person and no one else… and I’ll be content.

The tricky thing is to differentiate from physical touch coming from someone that has the right intentions with you. Someone who shares the same intentions as you.

For me, physical touch is only appreciated by a person that I truly admire and not by any one else.

The same thing goes for quality time.


May 14th

wine in my right hand, notes in the other

final papers written neatly

getting shit done early

bonding with the roomies

though the only bonding is with

this liquor on me

i’ve spilt, the juice, the past, the ooze

drunk thoughts

feels & moods

Moment in time

Dancing under the stars

Drinking wine in cars

Feeling the breeze of the ocean

Crisp & clean

We sit neatly, legs crossed, sharing secrets

Dying from laughter

Moments pass

I find myself zoning out

Your face runs across my mind

Hazel eyes and messy hair

What I liked best about you went to gray

My heart skipped a beat and I found myself day dreaming again

Forgot where I was, what I was doing, my entire purpose in life

All because in this moment of time

I dreamt of you in my mind

Why is it that even with those I love, there comes those brief moments in time

Where I’m stuck, unconscious, out of words

Fearing that I’ll run back to you again

Only to get hurt

The happiest times can’t take away what we had

The memories we shared

Those nights when me & you were dancing under the stars

Drinking wine in your car

Feeling the breeze of the ocean

Crisp & clean

Sharing secrets with each other

Boy… my heart might skip a beat again… a million more times

Just don’t forget this beautiful soul of mine

Because you always run across my mind


-to what we had


Inspiration to write this: Flume – Greenpeace (Edit)

Hate Letter

The only love letter I seem to be able to write to you, my dear

Is out of hate

Hate for everything you are and everything you’ve done to me

Used, abused, and lied to me

Like a heartless bitch you stepped right all over me

My heart throbs for you but you don’t give a fuck

Let me feel your heart when it wasn’t mine to touch

Chewed me up to spit me back out

Lied your way in and lied your way out

Made me feel like shit thinking I’d want you back

Those who love fight for what they want, but you dear, don’t love me anymore

It’s best that I find myself than try to find the best in someone so see-through and fake

Lost the 1 person who fucked with you most

You’ll never find a woman like me, but now all you see is a ghost

I hope our last texts together haunt you til the day you die

Knowing I was outside your door crying for you back

You let me down and let yourself go

Sabs is back and you’re nothing but micro

Keep telling people I ran back to you, but don’t forget to tell them you cut yourself to put me in hell too.


You taught me a lot,

From pleasure to pain,

We buried a ton

The weight of the past belongs in these pages

As I move forward with my life and never look back,

I will cherish the good times and never forget those who did me wrong

Never regret a chose I’ve made, for that’s brought me to the place I am here today

Wiser, stronger, and loved day by day

Though I raised my frequency and recognized my worth

My thoughts and my actions now aligned and I’m centered on earth

2018 will bring new ups and downs and loves and bows,

But through it all I’ll remember to stay above all and strong

Respect for myself enough to forgive and move on from what was to what is

You Only Live 1 Life

You only live 1 life, so you choose how you live it

Crumbled up miserable in a place where respect is nonexistent,

Faith is shook and broken

Love is lust

And fear grows from distrust

I am fearless, I am loved, and I am wise

I will not limit myself to what I am but raise my frequency to become who I want to be

Working hard to become the woman of my dreams

Doing, loving, creating, smiling, and working

All the things that make me, me.

The suffrage ends in my head

When I learn to love myself and stay positive

Thats when I go ahead