My First Love

He was without a doubt my first love

We’d go through hell and back just to see each other for another day

We’d hit rock bottom and still come up from the top

We’d fight til we saw blood, sweat, and tears, but our love kept us alive

Everything in life became unimportant, as he was the only thing in my life I needed

To this day I wonder what kept us together after these years, but in all honesty, I’ll never know

Trust was broken, fears laid out on the table, and abusive signs peeked through the fragile glass

Still, we fucking loved each other to pieces

Now imagine if trust was gained and we improved as individuals… sparks would turn into fireworks and set the city on fire

My dearest, my first love, I will always love you

But it’s time that I start loving myself.


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Nursing Student | Dreamer | Lover | Reader | Traveler

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