Lately, I’ve been evaluating my actions, mindset, thoughts, emotions, and the words that come out of my mouth.

All my life I’ve been a free- spirited wild child and I did/said whatever I felt like doing or saying (to whomever); even if it hurt that person. Knowing that the truth was exposed makes me feel better than holding it in because it would only hurt me on the inside.

However, as of lately, I’ve been noticing the actions I make or the things I say to certain people and I’ve been reflecting on those words that were spoken or the moves that were made, because I’m curious to know if it’s the right thing to do or not.

I don’t like to admit this, but I’ve always been stubborn and had a little bit of an anger issue. Those two don’t make a good mix, especially when somebody tries to poke at me or disrespects me. So, when somebody tries to mess with me, I get all riled up, and say things that I don’t mean or act in an aggressive manner (besides being physical) because my emotions go through the roof.

I recently got into a huge argument with my family about the same issue that we’ve fought about for about 3 years, then I realized, for once in my life, where I’m at fault and why the same old annoying argument continuous to be brought up to this day. Instead of pointing fingers at my family and assuming they’re at fault, I tried to understand where I was wrong, and why they felt the way they did about me.

From that point on, I promised myself that I would write about this topic, then find ways to cope with my anger, stress, and extreme emotions.


  1. Listen: I learned to stop refusing to listen to others, because you’re only repeating what you know and you’ll never learn or grow from that point on, until you give other people a genuine listen.
  2. Breathe: Taking a few deep breathes, instead of holding the anger in. It will be beneficial, not only to calm your nerves and stress, but when you take a few breathes, it will help you think more clearer and stay calm.
  3. Think: Think twice before saying something that you will later regret. Think twice before walking out the door and creating a scene or prolonging the argument.
  4. Choose: Choose your battles wisely. If this is something worth fighting over and coming up with a solution, then follow steps 1-3, and finally come to a compromise with the person you are dealing with. If this is not a battle worth fighting for, for you and the other party, then simply drop it.


I hope these tips helped! Take care and love on.



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