Poem to my Ex – Love Kills

 I gave you my heart, every single piece of it
But there you lied and said you’d cherish it
Things were good at first though it seemed
But those were the highlights of what we previously dreamed
3 months went by until we made the changes
Controlling one another until we’d fed our insecurities in arrangements
Falling in love has never been so easy
We were a perfect match and that’s why we burnt out so quickly
It’s crazy how we go by daily
Treating one another with respect then the next acting crazy
They all say your first love is usually a painted daisy
Due to the love and high that’s produced it makes our minds go hazy
Then came a twisted turn of fate
When we were fighting really late
The sky covered in clouds dark and grey
Thats when we began to realize it was time to run away
Our bond kept us close yet killed us the same day
We knew, for us, the end was near
So we began to stay really clear
Distance grew as our relationship failed
Because the one thing we did wrong was turn tail to bail
Lovers become strangers so easy
Funny how that flows so breezy
But I wish you the best EJA, you were never a mistake.
Now all that I’m left with are memories and a heart break
But this is our chance to grow and avoid any future aches
A piece of you remains in my heart, even though last night you did me wrong
I’ll never forget the person who came
Into my life and put my past to shame
But thanks to you I have grown and learned
To respect my self and body because that shit’s earned.
I hope one day we’ll come to our senses
Avoid our egos and break down these fences
Between our success that stands a wall
Which puts our relationship at expenses
I hope one day we can be friends
By coming together to make amends
Till then farewell
I wish you and your family well


1/1/2016 – 7/28/16