Imperfections Are Beautiful, Too.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m a perfectionist. When I start something (literally anything), it takes me twice as long as others to complete it, because I want every inch of it to be perfect… Now some of you might think of this as a good thing or other might think it’s completely absurd. However, at this point in my life, I’d like to ease up a bit and become more laid back with the way I do things because it’s causing me to stress out when I shouldn’t be and it has slowed me down on my journey to succeed.

Life doesn’t work out this way for a reason. If everyone was perfect, then life would just be plain simple and boring. These flaws allow us to be unique and rich in character. By allowing ourselves to have a filter-free mind and messing up here and then, we are welcoming peace and patience into our lives. Not to mention, these imperfections are a good experience for us to try better the next time around.

Now take time to just be you. Raw you. Write freely, live happily, breathe deeply, and fuck up easily.

You’re worth it, so don’t try to be perfect.


Cell Phone Use

Recently, I’ve challenged my mother and I to do something we’ve never even thought about trying before; using our cell phone less, especially when checking social media. I’ve noticed that it’s very hard for me to fully engage in progressing conversations with people whom I’m communicating with. So the other day I went out for lunch with my mom, and I chose to put my phone in my purse and keep it there until I was done having lunch with her. I realized that I was more present in my conversation and I wasn’t easily distracted. Not only did that show respect towards my mom, but she realized how mature and thoughtful it was of me to put away the side conversations that I was having with my friends through my phone. I noticed that my mom was hesitant to use her phone because she wanted to give me the same respect as well. After this one experiment, whenever I hang out with my friends, I put my phone on airplane mode. I’m not sure if they notice or not, but after a few times of hanging out, I think they will realize how much more present I am, in general, that they will hopefully give me the same respect as well by not using their phones. To give others your full attention, it means that we are interested, mature, kind, and respectful. This is very important in socializing.

The benefits of limiting my phone use to three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) for 15 minutes to check social media, reply back to friends, and make unimportant phone calls:

  • More present in daily conversations
  • Can enjoy the beauty of life and surroundings more
  • Lengthens my attention span
  • Gain more respect and attention
  • Less anxiety about the future or past